Thursday, July 31, 2008

Monthly Goals

So I have felt inspired recently to have more short term goals instead of long term goals. I am already cooking a bun in my long term oven so I think I am going to need some short term projects along the way.

August: Get Lindy and Lucy's website up and running & Clean out the Bathroom closet & walk my 10K

September: Finally get around to painting Elizabeth and Matt's trim since my first trimester will FINALLY be over!!! (with a mask of course) and clean out the Sweet Pea's closet

October: Finally finish our laundry room project and put my office together

November: Register for baby stuff (before Thanksgiving) and complete living/dining room projects

December: Make some major life changing decisions (sorry that's not up for discussion yet) and get a few quotes for our kitchen renovation project

January:Paint Sweet Pea's room and purchase a dresser for our master bedroom

February: purchase baby furniture and get it arranged
...oh yeah...and bring home baby!!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

I think that is a great idea! Don't have too many goals/to-do's at once...break it up by month so you have 30 or so days to get it done. I think that's great! I hope you can get it all done too!

I'll catch up with your other entries soon too!