Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What a Week!

Like the title says...WHAT A WEEK!!!  As if one life change isn't enough (and yes, I mean the baby) we are going to through a few more in the next few months.  Why?  Because that's the Bailey way we do things.  Let's make a list, shall we?
1.) baby
2.)quit job
3.)sell house extremely fast
4.)move to Washington DC for a year
5.)E goes BACK to school...yes...Again!!!

Numbers 3-5 were all introduced to us on Thursday of last week.  So my realtor is coming over today to go through the house with me and I have been breaking my back to get things ready...Why?  Oh yeah...did I mention that E had to go out of town for a week?  Yes, that's me and baby all by ourselves.  Luckily I have a friend coming into town to stay with me for the rest of the week but regardless, there's still alot of work left to be done at home.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.  

Well, here is Rachel this week.  She turned 4 weeks.  It's amazing how so much has changed already.  She can hold her head up and loves to do it, she held on to a rattle and shook it, we have seen several grins but can't figure out what she is so excited about (a window, the ceiling fan, gas...you never know), she is running errands with mom nicely, she is taking formula when I need her to if we are out in public on the go, ...lots of strides are being made.

She went to Ladies Lunch this week with me and a few friends so she got 2 new dresses and this is one of them. 
I always forget to do tummy time with her and when I remember, she always does something different.  This time, she laid on her belly and hum-sighed for about 2 minutes until she was ready to move onto something else.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Things I am Excited About Today!

1.)  My new shoes...I have been dying to own a pair of crocs but I think I look stupid in them.  But I saw these croc-like slippers at walmart today for $8 and decided I deserved them! 

2.) My Little Irish baby wearing her St Patty's day present from her Namaw.  She could barely wakeup for the picture.  Oh yeah...and I am also excited about my husband who cut my head out of the picture.  Thanks Jerk!!
3.) A schedule.  Now that we have one, we can run errands away from home.  Here she is on the way to the grocery store today in her car seat.
4.)  My newest lunch concoction.  Whole Wheat Flatbread topped with Maple Turkey, Alfalfa Sprouts, Avocado slices, salt, pepper, and provolone cheese.  HELLO!!!  

Sunday, March 15, 2009

E was nice enough to rock the sad and tired baby while I finished folding the laundry.

The rest of these pictures are just a few that I snapped of her when she was in a good mood yesterday!

The wakeup stretch!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lazy Sundays

E created his own way of keeping the baby happy...by creating a race track through the house.  He carries Rach and they walk fast through the house until she is asleep.  Whatever works for him!!

Yesterday was her first walk.  Mom got some much needed sunlight, exercise, and time outside of the house.  Maggie got a walk and E got to spend quality time with all of us.  He's a lucky guy!!

My baby is learning to go to sleep on her own in her own bed.  She takes naps in her room but sleeps with us at night.  

Friday, March 6, 2009

Hello Out There to Dairy Cows Everywhere!

If I said that I felt like a dairy cow yesterday, I was wrong!!  I am officially the spokesperson for dairy cows worldwide today.  OMG!  I lost count of how many times I fed the baby today.  I know it was 7 before 2pm.  And TRUST ME...there were many more after 2pm.  I think she is hitting a growth spurt though so she is sleeping hard and eating harder.  There are no words to describe what a long day it was...so I will let these pictures say the thousand words that are escaping me due to exhaustion.  But HEY!  At least we are all sleeping ok.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The End of a DeJuVue-ish Day

Well, I only have a few things to say today:
1.)Thank God for Swaddle Me wraps because I can't fold a tight blanket to save my life!
2.)Thank God for housekeepers, especially those that call an hour before they come to remind you of what day it is!!
3.)I am starting to feel like a dairy cow...Is that a good thing?
4.)Maggie ate my coveted end of the day piece of chocolate cake...luckily there was more BUT STILL!!!  
5.)I think my daughter is starting to look like her Daddy more and more each day.  We compared her to my baby pictures yesterday and she looked like me and today is a whole new ballgame.  As she gains weight, she looks more and more like E.  But thats ok cause I have a FINE looking husband!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

With the grandparents gone, we decided today would be a good day to start implementing our schedule ("Babywise").  So here is Rachel who was woke up from her nap after an hour and 45 minutes when she normally takes a 3 hour nap at lunch.  So sleepy still and just wants to cuddle.
I just rarely get pictures of her with her eyes open and she's super alert until we started this schedule today and all of the sudden, I had several opportunities.
Here is E burping her evidently with Maggie's help.  She got up there to kiss E and the way I saw it, it turned out to be 3 kisses for E, one quick kiss for Rachel and the circle continued until E noticed she was licking the baby too.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Last Day with My Parents/First Day Alone

Long sleepless nights equal pajamas all day.  We tried using the carrier so I could warm up dinner...good idea right?  Bad idea to turn her facing out...she was ticked because she could hear me but not see me.
The guard pooch stationed at her door.
Her last nap with KK before she left to go home.
Rach sporting the shirt that I made her when she went on her first outing to dinner last night.
Sleepless nights, jaundice scares requiring bloodwork, blocked tear ducts, visiting dads office (unintentionally) and saying goodbye to KK and PawPat (My parents)  ...  It was a long day!  I don't know if I am an emotional mess because my hormones are changing or the lack of sleep.

Monday, March 2, 2009

1 Week

Naptime with PawPat
Tummy Time turned into "Hey, I've been looking for those fingers!!"  The only way that I knew she was still breathing was the loud sucking sound she was making with her whole hand in her mouth!
KK finally got her to go to sleep which wasn't hard since all of the hard stuff was already done...dry, fed and cleaned.

***In case you are wondering, I am dong a picture documentary these days and WAY less commentary.  I am doing good to load the pictures.