Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Prizes in the Mail!!

To start this story, I guess I will have to go back over a year ago to explain the reason for the gift I got in the mail yesterday.

When I used to work in Key West, many pilots and controllers used to come by everyday. Many of them would come by several times a year and so you got to know alot of people. One week, we were doing night flights and we had 2 or three controllers in the building to help out with the operation. One of those was my friend John. You may remember his new wife, Andrea, from Military Monday a few weeks back.

John visited twice while I worked down there. He worked over at the Top Gun school in NV. We had a great time together since we have similiar personalities and since we were all trapped in the building all night long waiting for the rain to let up so the operation could fly, we all just had to make the best of it. John called back in April of last year and said "Dude, I completely forgot to get a shirt from Sloppy Joes before I left town and I really wanted one. Will you go and get me one and send it to me? I will send you a shirt from Top Gun!"

So me...being the nice girl that I am...and because I really wanted a Top Gun shirt...went downtown to buy him a shirt and sent it to him promptly. Well...it's been over a year and John has yet to make good on his promise. I harrass him about it every chance I get. But low and behold...what showed up on my door step yesterday?? 2 Top gun shirts...one for me and one for E, and he said he tried to get one for sweet pea too but they didn't have any that small. Thanks John, and Andrea (because I am sure that she did all of the leg work)!! E was pumped about his new shirt and I really like mine! I think I was more surprised than anything that he actually sent them after a year.

E's Shirt

My Shirt

Maggie...looking at me while I photograph the shirts

Thanks you guys and I hope you have lots of fun in Japan next week. Good luck in everything and stay in touch!!

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