Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Movie Reviews

So we watched a few movies over the past few weeks and I wanted to update you on what I thought.

First, let's start with Hancock...what a waste of an hour and a half. It just wasn't a good movie. So many things were left unexplained and it really needed another half hour or so to finish the story right.

Next, The Happening...Both E and myself love M. Night Shyamalan and own every movie he has done until now. We had heard that it wasn't good but we wanted to see for ourselves. It was incredibly bloody and violent for such a weak story line to back up the reason for the blood and guts.

Then, we went and saw Batman: The Dark Knight this weekend...(first of all, I highly recommend attending a big movie weekend at 10:30 am on Saturday morning. It was nice!! And cheap!) The movie was incredibly long but it was such a detailed story that it needed that the whole 3 hours. Not knowing it would take that long, we hopped in at 10:30 and got out about 1:15 and that's just not an option for a pregnant girl!! Lunch in a timely matter is a daily crucial neccesity!! But getting back to the movie, we both thought it was really good. We talked last night about what a classic story of hope Batman is unlike other superhero movies. Bruce Wayne sees a problem and without any super powers, jumps in head first to do his part to make his community safer.

And finally, Jumper. another waste of an hour and a half. Another super power/ not a super hero movie that needed more explanation for everything. We ordered it on PPV the other night and I don't feel so bad for not paying $18 to see it int he theaters. It seems like they were setting themselves up for a sequal though...I don't recommend this one at all.


Amanda said...

Movies are tough now-a-days. There are many out there that aren't good enough to even watch on DVD. Thanks for the info on Hancock and The Happening. I'll wait for them on DVD's.

Anonymous said...

Why did Hancock have all the eagle things? Was that ever explained or was I asleep?

Daniel Dulaney