Monday, July 14, 2008

Guess Who's Expecting???

Me, E, and Maggie are back from vacation and refreshed. We definately needed some relaxation and 10 days at the beach was just what the doctor ordered. But I will get to all of the vacation details later (since I forgot my camera).

NOTE: If you are a very close friend or family member and you are reading this and didn't recieve a phone call first, please don't be offended. It just means that after all of our family members found out, they talked my phone battery to death:) No, seriously!! Didn't my Nanny call you already?

Well, me and E found out on June 17 that we were expecting our first child. It was no surprise to us...just a surprise to everyone else because we didn't tell anyone else that we were ready to have kids. And plus I always hate the mental picture I get when people tell me "They are trying!" I didn't want people picturing me that way and continually asking me how things were going. I know...Weird!

E, of course, had just left 2 days earlier to attend a 2 week training course in another time zone. As soon as I dropped him off at the airport, I went home and had my second meal of the day at 10 AM which was a bowl of pasta. An hour later, I had another bowl of pasta, then a bowl of soup, then another bowl of soup, then some ice see where this is heading.

The next day, I told E that I was starving and just didn't feel like I was getting enough to eat or drink. I tried to eat normal the next day and then went for a run that night and felt nauseous right after. Something prompted me to look at a calendar and realize what day it was. So the next morning, I took a pregnancy test and sure enough, it was positive. I just remember looking at the stick, all by myself, thinking, this is not how I pictured this. So I called E and woke him up at 4:30 in the morning his time and announced that we were going to be parents. He was a little weary at first and asked me to repeat myself. I said "Babe, were gonna be parents!"

I got a blood test the next day, bought a book on everything you should and shouldn't do when you are pregnant. Of course I found out a week after I joined tennis league and a day after I signed up fr the Human Race 10K in Austin. Talk about luck! So I will have to change a few of those plans. But a week later I had an ultrasound already scheduled before I found out to check other things. I told her that I had just found out I was pregnant and she jumped at the chance to show me on the screen where everything was. So I got to see to see the heartbeat and she gave me a picture too.

So at the end of February, we will be adding a new Bailey to our family. We are definately excited and overwhelmed. So far, I have been nausious for the past 2 weeks but it is starting to subside. But I wish the carsickness and exhaustion would pass too.

So Congratulations all of you grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins out there. As if 2 Bailey's weren't in your face enough, we have decided to add one more.


Ashley said...

YAAAAAY!!!!!!!! I'm so, so happy for you! My cousin just had a baby and I just held him and didn't want to let go. Since then I've been telling Lucas that I "want one" but we are still waiting a little while. Yay! Congratulations to both of you! Yay! Did I say Yay! enough?

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Anonymous said...

Also, highly inconvenient as in 9 months I have to move your blog from "No Kid Blogs" category in my google reader, to "Mommy Blogs"

Amanda said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you and E. I hope you keep us all posted with your stories of pregnancy.

Jennifer said...


CP said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I just popped over to let you know that, thanks to YOUR pay it forward contest, 3giraffes started its next contest today.

But WOW!!! Wonderful news!

Laurel Green said...

I love the part didn't Nannie tell you already? lol You need to post your ultra sound pictures because I never got to see them because Eric is LAZY lol jk I love you Brookie!!