Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vacation Memories

Vacation was great! We did alot of napping on the beach, by the pool, on the couch, in the car, and in the bed. Pregnancy and morning sickness is exhausting. Luckily I was on vacation and had lots of spare time to get over it. I got plenty of sun, ate lots of "approved" seafood, saw the Blue Angels, (found out I knew a Blue Angel, how many people can say that), went watersliding, saw my family and extended family, went shopping for maternity clothes (I know it's early but there was a giant outlet mall there) spent some quality time with Ash and had dinner with an old college teammate, Carrie, got some exercise, swam, played with Maggs and just really had a good time overall.
Well, E swears that the camera was in my car this morning but I think he is loosing it! I looked high and low for that thing with no luck. So I will share a few from my friend, Ashley, that she took and sent my way.

We saw some beautiful fireworks on the night of the fourth. We all curled up on our blankets in the sand and watched the sky light up. It was beautiful. After the fireworks were over, me and Ashley saw a red light in the sky. We went outside and a large portion of the brush behind where we were staying caught on fire. We went and got my dad and E and we all walked out to go and see just how bad it really was (it felt a little like chasing an ambulance, but that was the excitement at the moment). It never got close enough to affect our accomodations but the fire burned off and on for a few days. We took our neice, Beth, to Waterville, (this waterpark close by) when another fire broke out and ash starting falling on us whilel we were in the pool. Turns out, a stray fireworks started the blaze. This picture is what we could see from the main street.

Maggs loved the sand. There were so many interesting things hidden under the sand. Crabs, bugs, trash, plants...she had the best time digging around and playing chase.

I never said she was smart...I decided to let her off of the leash for a while to play fetch and burn some energy. Immediately, she walked right over to a sand dune preserve and started digging. Not what I was wanting!! So I brought the long leash, threw the toy and chased it with her. She just gets so distracted with all the people and birds around, not to mention all of the new smells.

I thought this was a cute pic of E and Magpie!

**I promise I will post the others as soon as I find that camera!!

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Amanda said...

I love vacation! Sounds like you had a great time.