Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Prizes in the Mail!!

So thanks to Ashley at Splendid Sustenance for the prize I got in the mail yesterday. I won the book "Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone" during the Pay it Forward contest a few weeks ago. I was thrilled. The book was much thicker than I was expecting. And E, bless him, says "Hey I could get on board with a few of these recipes!" Music to my ears!! So thanks Ashley for hosting and choosing me. I will be sure to pay it forward very soon.

**And Chris, yours goes in the mail today...sorry, morning sickness and pregnancy brain have taken over my life.


Amanda said...

Nice prize! I'm having a pay-it-forward contest since I won a few weeks ago. So, try your luck on mine too!

CP said...

My prize arrived on Thursday which was MY BIRTHDAY! How perfect was that? I love the t-shirt, awesome glass (new water glass for work-thanks!), the magnet but most of all the giraffe "C" note cards. Thank you so much!!!

I'll let you know when I get a photo post up on the blog.