Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Roof is on Fire!!!

We all know the song, and I don't think it would be appropriate for me to repeat the lyrics here. I try to keep it somewhat family friendly. But we literally had that happen this week. Calm down Mom, not our house. It's still intact.

We have an apartment building behind our neighbor's house. It doesn't look to be a nice one. But our town is an absolute joke. Anyone can put an apartment building up anywhere in town, thus, the hard fall of the downtown area. All those people who have the beautiful houses with the old trees and awesome property are screwed because many apartment complexes have come up and now, prostitutes roam the streets, literally! Dont' misunderstand, these apartment complexes aren't the kind with a nice workout facility and a beautiful pool. NOTHING CLOSE!! So far is hasn't happened to our neighborhood but there is on the main road real close to our house. I am a strong supporter of zoning regulations!!

The point of this story is...It caught on fire Sunday morning!! I was washing dishes that morning and kept hearing a beeping sound. I thought maybe someone down the road was backing up a truck. When we finally left for church, we walked out the back door and I could still hear the beeping and it was much louder. I heard a man screaming and looked in his direction just in time to see him running up and down the balconies of the building trying to wake everyone up and get them out of the complex. The fire trucks came out and it turned out to be a huge deal!!
I know I probably shouldn't blog about someone else's tragedy, but did this happen to any of you this weekend???


andreaunplugged said...

even with all my baby mamas i haven't had anything like this happen. i just hope the prostitutes are ok. and schlitterbahn. :-)

Brooke said...

No worries AO!! Schlitterbahn was saved. All is well. And the prostitutes are in Chrisa's neighborhood, not mine!!

Don't worry, your baby mamas will come through for you soon enough!!