Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weekend Movie Review

Well, we rented 2 movies this weekend and watched 2 on television throughout the week...

The first was Vantage Point. While I thought it was entertaining and suspenseful, E thought was incredibly bored and turned off by all of the inaccuracies in the movies. When that happens, he tends to go ON AND ON all through the movie which drives me BONKERS!!! But in the end, he is right. That whole movie wouldn't have happened in real life. There are too many precautions that are taken in reality that weren't taken in the movie. If you can get past that...It was entertaining, I thought.

The second was 21. It was based on a true story about some kids at MIT who learned how to play Black Jack using statistics and went to Vegas to win big. We both thought it was a good movie (and it's tough to watch a movie that E actually likes). I would recommend it.
And we watched Kiss the Girls on television. I know I know...It's a super old movie but I had never seen it. I really liked it. Very suspenseful. Highly recommend if you like dramas (and you didn't see it 10 years ago).

And then last but not least, we watched Invincible. I started out thinking I wouldn't like it, I even busied myself trying not to watch it but I kept going back. It was good, very inspirational and the sound track was great. I highly recommend.


Jennifer said...

we watched 21 last night. It was great and we both highly recommend it as well! Apparently we have similar tastes in movies! Who knew?

Amanda said...

We couldn't stand Vantage Point. I didn't like how it kept showing the same things over and over and once it got flowing good, it ended.

We didn't see 21 yet, but Jeff read the book and really liked it. Can't wait to see it.

I love Invinciable. Its such a great movie!