Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to Blake!

So Blake is my sister. She was 25 years young on Saturday. We are very close in spirit, not so much in distance. I think we live about 13 hours away from each other and really only see each other one holiday during the year. Now that we are both married and sharing holidays with our in-laws, we don't see each other as much. But she ran off and married her first high school boyfriend and they got married 4 years ago this week. So Happy Anniversary too while we are congratulating people. But so far so good, even though he's a pain (just kidding) she hasn't killed him yet so it looks like it just might work out after all! Blake is finished her masters at the Univ. of Alabama this year and started working for the County Health Deptarment and moonlights as a dietician at the local hospital. She reminds me of my mom, they always have to be doing SOMETHING...they can just sit still and enjoy life!
Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Blake!

Ashley said...

Oh, wow! I don't think I even knew she was married. Well, Happy Birthday and Anniversary to her. I remember playing her in a few junior tournaments way back when I think.