Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Maggie and Bob

Pam and Dennis (E's parents) came to visit this weekend and brought Bob with them. Bob is their very tiny miniture Yorkie!! He is so tiny and so terrified of Maggie (for obvious reasons-Maggie is at least 25 times his size).

But as soon as Maggie laid down and rolled over, the game was on. So we made Maggie lay down and keep still and Bob finally warmed up to her, so much so that he felt gutsy enough to take her ball away from her the day they left. She didn't care though. She thought they were going to play chase with it. Boy was she wrong! He just wanted the ball!! So in retaliation, Maggie went back to his bed and took some of his toys. It's so weird how closely related kids and dogs are!

And then, evidently, she felt comfortable enough to jump into Pam's lap to watch TV with her before they left.

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