Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Anniversary???

Me and E have committed to getting up early to exercise this week and so when the alarm clock went off this morning at 5am, he rolled over and said "Happy Anniversary BB." I am sure I had a puzzled look on my face because he then asked "When's our anniversary again?"

To give you a clue into our life, we got married at the court house in california while E was out there doing training for several months. Honestly and truthfully, yours truly needed health insurance. And then 2 months later when he came home, we got married at the beach with all of our family and friends. So technically, we have 2 anniversaries. Poor guy though, he didn't get either of them. But I will say this, today is exactly the halfway point between the two dates though.

We got up, got dressed and as we were headed out the door, I couldn't find him anywhere. The back door was open so I walked out onto the patio where I saw the garage door was open. He came out and had a box in his hand. I followed him into the kitchen where he says "Happy Anniversary" again and present the box as a gift. He's so sweet. We typically don't do gifts on special occasions and we surprised me on a day that ... wasn't even our anniversary. Oh...sorry...you were probably waiting to find out what I got:

That's what I got!! Some of you readers might be thoroughly offended that my husband would get me a kitchen appliance for my anniversary, but he knows me well. I have been wanting one of these for a while now and he knew it. E, if you are reading this, YOU ARE THE BEST and I am lucky to have you!! Happy Anniversary to you too!

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Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary! We have 2 anniversary dates too and its hard to keep track. Nice present! Hey you like to cook and if that's what you wanted, he knows you best.