Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary E!

For real this time...

Well, today is mine and E's fourth anniversary. We normally don't do much for celebrations. Maybe have a speial dinner or something low key like that. Even Christmas and Birthdays are like that too. If we need stuff, we just get it throughout the year. But this year, E went out of his way as a anniversary/congratulations we're having a baby present and bought me a kitchenaid stand mixer. And it's red!! If you missed this post, click here for the back story!!

For the past few weeks, E has been eying this compressor and nail gun at Home Depot. Those things are expensive!! I have been trying to put him off and put him off to no avail. I have even had friends that have offered to borrow theirs but E is always afraid he will break it and then have to buy them another one. I don't blame him for that. So when we wen tto Home Depot this weekend, I made sure to take a subtle interest in which one he wanted. I figured out what he needed and was planning on going to the store last night and getting it for him, however, he started working around the house this weekend and really needed it. So I broke down and told him what I was planning on getting him for our anniversary and that we could go and get it if he really needed it. He said "Yeah, I knew you were going to get it for me. You took an interest and asked questions about the pnuematic nail gun!!! You never do that!!"

So we went Sunday and I let him pick out the stuff he wanted and a new utility light (??? somehow that ended up in the buggy at checkout time) So Happy Anniversary E! I love you more today than I did 4 years ago and I am super excited about all of the next steps we are planning to take together. Me, Sweet Pea and Maggie appreciate the way you take care of us.


Erika said...

Those pictures are beautiful. Happy Anniversary!

Ashley said...

Awww! Happy Anniversary!!!!

Those are very expensive! We use my dad and granddaddy's compressor and accessories. They do come in handy though. There are all sorts of attachments for the thing to. I'm sure you will find this out if you don't already know. (Hint: he can pressure wash your drive way, etc.) Put him to work! Ha!

Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary!