Thursday, April 23, 2009

Accumulation at Light Speed

It's amazing how much baby crap accumulated in my house in the blink of an eye.  I never thought my kids would have so many toys and books everywhere, especially at 8 weeks.  Ha...I know!!  But the books and playyards, and hangings toys and rattles etc. are everywhere and she loves playing with them, she loves to look at books with us and reach for the hanging toys.  But this is the newest addition.  Sydney the kangaroo...and she has a baby too, Sandy, who is in her joey pouch.  I have been looking everywhere for her at the stores here in town with no yes, I ordered her today for baby!   I am turning into a sucker!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Breakfast

My sweet baby sitting up on her mat this morning.  She holds her head up really well these days but she can only hold her body up for a minute or so until she plants herself face down into the pillow.  Can you see the drool on her chin?  I didn't know that babies don't make drool until about 3 months.  So weird!!  Either way, she can drool now and boy does she!!

E found an article about what the celebrities eat and found one recipe that caught both of our eyes.  I am actually having it for lunch today...what?  I have a newborn baby! Breakfast is a luxury!

Lots of whole grains, soy, protein, omega-3's, and antioxidants!!  It's a hot breakfast that leaves you feeling full all morning, or afternoon in my case!

brown rice
vanilla soymilk
raisons (I use dried cherries, cranberries or apples)
maple syrup

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You Tube Movies

I purposed last week to try to find a way to export movie clips of the baby on the net.  I tried blogger but after it's progress bar never moved while I left he computer alone all day (!!!), I gave up and decided to try different options.  I ended up going with YouTube after much debate and posted a video for my family of the baby's bath that day.  She was so cute!!  But I am taking that one off of the public net, for naked reasons, and have made it private for only members of Youtube that I approve.  I have posted these a new public one in it's place for this week. 

The video is of her talking...she talks alot these days.

Monday, April 20, 2009

New Beginnings

In an attempt to loose a few pounds and build our strength up, me and E decided to join the P90X community.  We bought the videos, the pull up bars, the weights, protein powder and protein bars (for E), resistance bands and yoga mats.  We started the program last week and only made it to day 3 of the program.  E couldn't move and I could barely get out of bed.  So we decided that maybe we needed to work last week and get to a point where we were ready to start EXTREME workout (because I haven't worked out in several I don't think that an EXTREME workout first time out of the hatch is good for me).  

But we started working on our diet.  No crappy soda drinks, cut back on carbs, sugar and fats and focus on more veggies and protein for a few weeks and then add in more fruits and grains.  So this was one of my dinner solutions (Per Ellie Krieger of Food Network), Tilapia and Veggie Packets. (and yes, there is a fish fillet under all of those veggies)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

Well, indeed we sold our house.  Our inspections all came through last week and papers were signed on Saturday afternoon.  Just the Easter present that me and E needed.  So it was nice to have a relaxing Easter together as a family hanging around the house.  Here we are after church...which Rachel only made it through the music part of the service.  But because of the lack of morning and mid morning naps that day, we couldn't get her to wake up for our Easter picture.  Oh Well.  
And here's is me and her before church when she was super awake!
And this was her present from the Easter Bunny...a new tummy time mat.  What a waste of money...I could have just given her a pillow.

Monday, April 6, 2009

6 weeks

So if anyone is wondering...Today is my baby girl's 6 week milestone.  Man!  She has changed so much.  And to celebrate this milestone, she pushed her body and head up a few times today during tummy time.  I was so proud of her.  But we see this face alot more lately since her sight and hearing is better.  She gets excited so easily!  We are almost sleeping through the night and we definitely have our routine down.  

At the Speed of Light

Are me and E the 2 luckiest people in the world or what??  Last Tuesday, I invited my realtor, Katie over to walk through the house with me before we put it on the market.  2 days later, she had buyer beating down door dying to get in and take a look at the house.  Ummmm...E was gone and I was at home with I needed a few days to clean up.  But they came by this weekend and within 20 minutes, we had an offer.  We counter offered and they accepted.  Our house wasn't even on the market yet...Can you believe it!!  So here was the final project.

E fence that him and my dad built while I was recovering from having the baby.
The front, ...not much to tell here
The storage center and E and his dad built.
The bookcases that E and his dad built.
The breakfast area that me and my mom built, with a little help from E.
Obviously, the dining room.
And, well, obviously the living room.