Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Somewhat Controlled Chaos

Justin and Ashley came to visit this weekend and they brought their dogs Sophie (German Shepard) and Bella (Bijoun). We had SO MUCH FUN and so did the dogs. Maggie spent all weekend playing with those two. We went to the gym, toured beautiful Port Arthur (HA) and Beaumont and then had dinner and went to a hockey game.

Just a few pics highlighting the fun that was had by all...

Maggie and Sophie playing ball together...It took three days for Sophie to finally want to play with Maggie. She felt the need to guard her family from Maggie instead of play with her. This ticked Maggie severely off. Maggie just sat and barked at her for the longest time until Sophie would finally pay attention to her.

Maggie waiting her turn to play fetch.

All of us after dinner at Johnny Carino's.

Justin played ball with the dogs for a while. Maggie and Sophie loved this.

After they were done playing ball, here are all of the tired puppies.

Me and Ash with the Southeast Texas Wildcatters Mascot!!

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