Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Job

Back and better than ever...

Well, I started my new job on Monday. I was a little out of sorts when I was practically greeted at the door with a list of 25 things to about stressful. But I think it will gradually get better with time. You all know how it is...the better you are at your job, the more fun you have and more satification you get from your job. I am still a long way from that but completely relieved that I am in a new atmosphere.

After talking with a former co-worker yesterday, I realized that I am not AS emotionally UN-balanced as I thought. That old atmosphere affected me more than I realized. This new opportunity has helped me to realize just how miserable and affected I had become. Thanks to E for keeping me sane during the insanity, thanks to Andrea for your support and advice, and thanks to all my other friends and family for your prayers and thoughts...It was completely worth it.

I am so thankful that the good Lord has a better plan for me. This is me breathing a sigh of relief on my last day.

Why I’m happy I have a new job:

1. Being hired, not to work and be an employee of the state, but to be the friend to your co-worker and talk to them all day long.

2. Coming home crying on the third day of work and at least bi-monthly after that.

3. Waiting 9 months for your bosses to find you a new promised job opportunity, and then when it finally arrives, it's really just more job responsibility.

4. Being told by another co-worker that I am not allowed to go back to school.

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