Monday, March 24, 2008

By the way...

I fought Blogger on this picture too and Blogger won...but this was the before (sorry, bad lighting) picture of my yard sale arm chair. I think I paid 40 bucks for 2 of them. Then we recovered them with some brown canvas we got at Hobby Lobby that coast 40 bucks. So all in all, after recovering them, they only cost 40 bucks a piece. You can scroll down a few posts and see the after pic. It turned out so great!!

Well, my mom left yesterday and boy did we get alot done this week. I have so many project pictures to post and so many good buys to post but, of course, I forgot to bring them with me today. I will try to remember and bring them tomorrow!!!

But here is a quick overview without pics...

-We dug up one of my flower beds and replaced all of the plants
-She painted three paintings for me
-She recovered 2 chairs for me
-We shopped our little butts off
-E got a new leather chair for his birthday since I took his old one from him
-I finished a painting I had been working on for several months
-I finished painting my den that is still under renovation
-Mom made me a new purse
-I sewed for the first time and made 2 beautiful pillows
-We bought little accessories and then brought them home and then painted them to make them look like what we wanted
-We put together our den with accesories and wall paintings
-She made an awesome Easter Eve dinner
-I made an awesome Easter lunch

Whew! I need a vacation from my vacation.


Amanda said...

Thanks for sharring were you picked up those chairs! I guess it does save some money to re-cover furniture. Whew, you were busy!

Watts Up said...

Hey - the chairs look awesome! Great idea...I never thought of doing that :)