Monday, March 3, 2008

New Job! New Job! New Job!

You are looking at a changed girl!! (Well, maybe you aren't actually looking at get the point) After 8.5 months of 95% torture, I finally got a new job doing something remotely interesting.

I think I have been on 20 interviews during that time period, 2 or three 2nd interviews, a site tour and a job tryout (??). I got word last Tuesday that I had a new job with new pay, in a new department, with a new office, with a new boss, and a new group of students on the complete other side of campus. How wonderful is that.

I will be the Instructional Technician Support Specialist (say that 5 times fast) for the Superintendent's and Principal's Academy here on campus. YAY!!!!! However, human resources didn't call me until today (Monday) and they want me to start next week. No 2 weeks notice, not even 1 weeks notice. My previous employers have asked that I stay through the week to tie up my loose ends but they still don't realize that I HAVE NO JOB RESPONSIBILITY TO TURN OVER!!!!!

Anyway, for all of you who know how hard it has been over the last few months, thanks for your support and I appreciate all of your encouraging words. I really needed consolement, a shoulder to Boo-Hoo on at least twice a week, and a person there that I can vent (unfiltered) towards.

As soon as I have all of my new information, I will send it out. New Job...YaY! (If I had a pic of me silently partying (since I am still at work) it would go right here!!!)


Jennifer said...

Congratulations on your new job!

Andrea said...

you already know how pumped i am for you...if you had anything to move i'd help you.

Ashley Kelley said...

Yea! Congrats!

Cherrye said...

AO told me! I was so excited for you! So...what do you actually start?!?

Amanda said...

Congrats! New beginnings are always exciting!