Monday, March 24, 2008

New Ipod

It all started on a Saturday afternoon. Company was in town and the girls were going shopping while the boys showered for dinner afterwards. E, hopped into the shower for a few minutes and when he returned, Maggie had hopped onto the bed, mouthed open the zipper on my gym bag, pulled down my arm band with my ipod inside, and proceeded to chew on the band/ipod. The good news that my ipod still works. It still plays music but the screen will never work again. The bad news is, this is the ipod I use to gauge the distance I have run in races or when we are training. That was the sole reason I bought that specific ipod.

There are chew marks on the bottom and top left-hand side of the display.

Since Maggie ATE my last ipod, and I refuse to work out without it, (I know I am somewhat spoiled), E told me that I could get a new one, meaning the newest generation. I almost felt bad that he said that because I washed one of his ipods that was left in his pants and didn't let him get a new one. Oh gones right?

My last one was a refurbished one from Apples website. So I started looking to see if they had any cheap ones. Nada, they were all the newest models and about the same price I paid for my broken one. So I started checking ebay...all I wanted was another one that worked. It didn't have to be new but I was seriously striking out. So I decided to bid on a few of the new models to see what kind of price I could get. HELLO!!! I won a new refurbished model on ebay for less than a used old model. It cam in this week and "it's so tiiinnny" (say that in a squeeky voice)

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Erika said...

I'm so glad things like that happens to you too. I washed Dave's ipod one time and our other 2 ipods got stolen about a year ago. (Makes me want to cry) --I also got a new one just a week ago because I also refuse to run w/out one. Can you say spoil!