Thursday, March 27, 2008

And Then There Was One

Just a small side note that you may find interesting, this is what my carpet looks like on a regular basis. Honestly, I got tired of vacuuming up all of the mulch, bones, sticks and paper scraps that Maggie makes out of the stuff she brings in from the backyard everyday. So it just stays there until the weekend. She has actually found a few more sticks and brought them in since this picture was taken. I have just given up!

When Mom was here last week, every time we turned around Maggie would take off with our chalk, or scissors, or pin cushion, or fabric, she wanted so desperately to chew on something that was not an approved toy! We were constantly fighting to regain possession of our materials. Thinking I was a genius for coming up with a solution, I tied her up in the front yard and left the front door open. Well, then she dug up my flowers we had just planted in the flower beds. ARG! There are no good answers.

When we started putting the cushions back together when we noticed the pin cushion was missing for the 5th time...MAGGIE!!!! She was sitting secluded on the other side of the room. Using her front teeth, she pulled each individual pin out of the cushion and set them aside in a small pile. Then she proceeded to chew on the cushion like a new ball, which is probably all she thought it was in the first place.

Well, Easter was getting close, so I went ahead and planned out my menu for Easter lunch. I made a list and went to the store. Saturday night, I went ahead and made the dessert and started trimming and marinading the 3 pork tenderloins. I had my recipe on the kitchen counter for the marinade. I turned my head and when I looked back my recipe was GONE! I looked everywhere for it and felt super crazy for losing it!!

So I ran into the office for less than 2 minutes to print another recipe off of the internet. I came back into the kitchen and Maggie was standing over one of the pork loins she had pulled into the floor. I just looked at her, completely stunned. She just looked at me, completely stunned that I wasn't yelling and screaming at her. I had no words ... until I noticed that only one pork loin was left on the counter. In the 2 minutes that I was gone, she had already eaten one of the pork loins and had pulled the second one into the floor to start working on it. She ate a 1 pound pork loin in less than 2 minutes!!!! I...WAS...FURIOUS!!!!! The only thing I could think to say was" E, this is bad...this is very bad."

Well, Easter lunch turned out ok. Even without the planned number of pork loins, we still had leftovers. Here is Mags about 30 minutes after eating the pork....with a stomach ache...she goes to her Daddy for consolement!


Erika said...

You are a very patient woman! -That's all I've got to say :0)

andreaunplugged said...

You already know my answer to these problems....wake maggie up to a good spanking every day until she wises up. And you also already know that this is why I am not ready for kids yet. I don't even have patience for a pet.