Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blog Party Central

If you are here for the party...You came to the right place. Woo Hoo ...Hop on the party train!!! If you are not here for the party, you might want to change you mind and visit here to start your party prep.

I am your party hostess here at Everyday Bailey. A little bit about me...I am a true Alabamian that gets randomly transported around the country (Thanks Uncle Sam). Currently, I reside in the great state of Texas with my husband, E, and our new pup, Maggie. I am a former military trainer, air combat training operator and military video game creator turned academic techno geek for a university. My husband is the exact opposite. Techno geek turned military.

With all of the moving, I tend to make alot of friends in many states and countries. The hard part is keeping up with them all through email and phone. So...this was my solution. (because I hate talking on the phone) This space is mainly for my family and friends, so they can always know what's going with us here in the lonestar state without having to call.

I talk about alot of things here such as military life, job situations and travel. Weekly, I post What's Cooking Wednesday which shows a picture and recipe of something (easy and good, and usually healthy) that I cooked over the weekend. Tried and true ladies and gents.

Maggie is a spotted beauty and I tend to rant and rave about the trials and tribulations of dog training during the first year. (like the when she ate my ipod over the weekend, YEAH, those trials and tribulations) We also just bought a house and have started renovations so you may see a few pictures here of there of the work being our very own hands. Lots of learning experiences there!!! As a young married couple, we still have very little furniture, so anytime I buy something, it's super exciting to me and I tend to post those pictures too.

I enjoy running races around the area and use this space to rally the troops to run with me on occasion. So if you live close by and want to run, let me know and I will definitely look for you.

If you are stopping by, consider yourself a friend and feel free to visit again anytime. Thanks for checking me out!


Amanda said...

Well, its nice to meet you :) I know your blog is aimed towards your family and friends, but I stop by occasionally so I hope you don't mind.

natalie said...

welcome to te party! i was checking out your posts and you have some YUMMY recipes up there! cant wait to try them out!!

mama k said...

Oh no! Not the IPOD!

Feel free to stop by my party here. :)

We are THAT family said...

It's never to late to party! Welcome. What an awesome blog you have! Hop over to mine, so we can meet. Blessings!

Kwana said...

Great to meet you. Welcome to the party! Fun blog.

kristen said...

i am very 'proud' you decided to join the blog party.. ha ha ha... nice to meet you!

JoLynn Braley said...

Hi, that's a great idea, to keep blogging here to stay in touch with all of your friends and family since you move around a lot.

I'm here from the party too, hope you're having fun visiting all of the blogs on the list, have fun with it! :)

BrineS said...

I'm inviting you to party with me!

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Happy Partying!

Bluestocking said...

Hi Brooke, my name is Brooke too!

hope you can stop by my party. I have a contest going called, "how well read are you."

Have fun partying.

a musing mom said...

Just stopping by to crash your party! Enjoyed your blog!