Friday, February 1, 2008

Snail Mail Surprise

A quick snidbit about your host here at Everyday Bailey, me!! I love surprises! I also like event memorabilia that I dont have to dust or store. So t-shirts go a long way in my book...

So I was super excited when Dot, my former co-worker and partner in crime from Key West sent me a present in the mail on Wednesday. Somehow, she talked the F-5 Navy Air squadron in Key West, VFC-111, into giving me an official shirt. I don't know how because they all know me and know how many times I have screwed things up for them. (I think the lack of sleep and constant altitude changes has caused some memory loss for alot of them) But regardless, I really appreciate my new shirt and I have promised Dot that I will wear it proudly on race day in 4 weeks.

Dot used to run 5K's with me, we would go to lunch/breakfast, trade nutritional knowledge, she would give out financial, marriage, work, real estate, and life advice, she was giant sounding board for all things job related, she shared good recipes (be on the watch for her Pumpkin Curry Soup that will be posted soon enough) and brought me candy back from her travels...Can you start to see why I miss her greatly???

This is Dot showing off the view from her future back porch in Utah. What a Fox!!! Isn't that view amazing!!!

Hi Dot! Thanks for the shirt. Thank the VFC-111 guys for me as well. I appreciate the shirt very much and will wear it proudly.

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Cherrye said...

THAT IS a beautiful view...where is that?