Tuesday, February 26, 2008

OH MY!!!

We tried early church this week. What is early church you might ask? It's where we go to the service at 8:00 instead of 11:00. All of this...just to see if we liked it or not. We came home and immediately started working on the house...again!!! I looked up at the clock and it said 1:00. No wonder I was seeing spots. I completely demolished my fridge looking for something for us to eat. NOTHING!!! I quickly grabbed my grocery list and headed to the store for less than 45 minutes. E was in the garage working hard and Maggie was napping at the front door (her usual spot). We had walked her that morning so I figured that she would continue to nap for a few more hours. Boy was I wrong!!!

I returned home from the store, hands full of heavy grocery bags, and my husband greets me at the door. Being the gentleman that he is, normally, he sees me and heads straight out to the car to get the rest for me. Not today. I put the bags down and he just looks at me, smiling..."Why are you looking at me?" I asked. He says "Do you notice anything different about Maggie?" After giving her three good look-overs, I was baffled and gave up "What's different?" I asked. "Look at her paws" he says. I looked and they were black,...and that's when I noticed the little black footprints leading into the kitchen. "What is that?" I asked. He guides me into the master bedroom, the site of the great pen attack (evidently). Maggie, realizing she was unsupervised, and having eyed that pen all morning waiting for a chance to get her mouth on it, chewed it to pieces leaving the black ink all over the carpet. I saw the damage and didn't know what to say, E was past that point and had already started laughing. We just looked at each other baffled at what we were seeing.

Well, this is what our carpet looks like after three good scrubs with spot cleaner. Sigh!!! Any help??? What gets ink out of carpet??? I plan on continuing to scrub although I am seeing the bleekness of the situation at this point.

My sweet Magpie, upset cause she got in trouble!

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