Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sweet St. Valentine

Well, I have been such a slacker these past few days. So many things going on at work and at home. We also switched cameras we are using at home and the USB port doesn't work. So I have to go and buy a card reader today so I can get the pics off the camera. Whew!

I had an interview this week as well as another one tomorrow. I presented the report I have been working on for the past few months yesterday and was offered the "opportunity" to be the database administrator, in addition to my current job responsibilities, for the NCAA website. I have been praying so hard for an opportunity, even though it's not really a great one (a huge understatement...), it's an answer to a prayer, it gets my name out there and gives me a wider pool of people to network. At this point, I will take anything...just so tired... and tired of being tired.

Well, getting back to the point of this email...Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. All of my family and friends, near and far away...I miss you all and hope to see you again soon enough. I hope that you all enjoy your special day with the one's you love. And for the single ones out there, Happy Singles Awareness Day (SAD).

For me, tonight, I am getting a special treat. E is putting his homework on hold for one night and cooking me dinner. Honestly, this is a big deal. We have spent very little time together since he started school this time. And this is also our very first Valentine's day together since we have been married. I know what your's almost been 4 years, how is that possible??? E has been on the boat every V-day for the past 3 years. So what are you doing for V-day? Big Plans??


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Cherrye said...

Have you seen 13 Going on 30?? Love is a Battlefield?? Anyway - Great movie!

Happy belated V Day and congrats on the job upgrade. Who are you workign with on that??