Monday, February 25, 2008

Progress Update!!!

We are finally getting somewhere. Sunday, E labored tirelessly all afternoon in the garage trying to frame his very first door. I would guess he was out there about 3 hours when he came in and asked "What size door did we get?" I thought that was a weird question...we measured and planned for a 30-inch door. We bought a 30-inch door, and I thought he had been working on the 30-inch door frame for the past 3 hours. I replied, "30-inch." He says, "That's what I thought too but when I got to the part where I tried to hang the door, it was too big. So I measured it and it's a 32-inch door." Sigh!! It's always something.

Here I am patching holes between the ceiling and the beam, whilest putting safety first (safety google are working well for me on TOP of my head)

Oh well, he went on framing up the door jam and I finished painting the window and walls. So far I really like the color. I think it will really make our dark furniture and fabrics pop! We are instituing Bailey Work Week again this week so I am hoping to have the lime green ceiling converted to a much more managable tone in the next few days. Here are some before pictures for you enjoyment. I will post a few updates tomorrow but I left a pics at home this morning.

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