Monday, February 25, 2008

Trooper...Boy, What a guy!

We have a large fenced in backyard so we typically let Maggie have free reign of the backyard during the weekend knowing full well that she is going to work on the hole she has been digging for some time now. We just block off the rest of the house except for the laundry room and then block some time off to make sure she gets a bath on Sunday night after the romping is all over.

We let her go last weekend and even on President's Day. E was home doing a few things and just let her go and we had decided to bathe her on Monday night instead of Sunday. He thought he heard a noise, so he went to the window so see what it was. And this is what he saw...

Don't adjust your computer screen...there are REALLY two puppies there!!!

There is a fence that separates our backyard from our next door neighbors backyard. Our neighbors got a new puppy, Trooper, a 3 month old chocolate Lab. Maggie and Trooper found each other's scent on the other side of the fence and decided they needed to play. So with Maggie's help, Trooper was able to dig a hole under the fence that seperates our backyard and come over the play in the backyard with Maggie when ever he wants. E took a few pictures, just because it was too funny!!!
My girl and her new friend playing hard in the backyard.
Trooper is little and got tired of Maggie pushing him around so he jumped into a planter so he could get eye-to-eye with her.
Maggie is giving Tropper tips on digging a "real" hole, using a "paws-on" approach!