Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What's Cooking Wednesday!

Well, here we are again. I promised to make and share Cherrye's Nutella Mousse. Well, I made it but forgot to photograph it so I am stealing Cherrye's picture of the one she made. But it was really good. I actually thought the recipe would serve four people but next time I will double it. It didn't make quite enough for four people but we strecthed it and added extra candy bar crumbles to make it last.

But seriously GOOD! So creamy and chocolately. I was wishing I had some dark chocolate though. That would have put it over the top!! Cherrye, hats off to you! Delizioso!

1 comment:

Cherrye said...

Look at you speaking Italian! LOL

The recipe SAYS 4 ppl, but I guess not 4 people who eat like we do! Glad ya'll liked it! :-)