Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Empanada Update

So I finally found the recipe. You will have to forgive me...there was an advertisement at the top of the page for Martha Stewart ... so naturally, that's where I thought I got the recipe. Turns out, it was a Paula Deen recipe minus the 12 pounds of butter. Oh, and by the way, I tried making them a little bigger and flakier with puff pasty instead of pie crust last night and it worked beautifully!! I will use puff pastry every time now. I also rolled them a little thinner so that I could fit more filling inside of them because I felt like I was overwhelmed with crust while eating the first batch. I highly recommend puff pastry instead of pie crust. Cook it an extra 3 minutes or so and try dipping it in salsa (E dipped his in Ranch dressing...Blah..I guess to each thier own). Mmmmm. Here's Paula's picture. Oh yeah...you can make them ahead of time and freeze them for a month too. That a major plus!!

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Elizabeh said...

They were super delicious. I liked the pie crust, it was very tasty. Thank you thank you!!!