Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Creature Quilt

There was this bedroom that I loved in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and I was trying to show my mom. Well, I can't find the catalog now and I can't even find the picture on the website now. Oh well. But now that I think I may be having a boy, I guess that room wouldn't work as well. So I found a room in Land of Nod that I like. I really like the quilt and the argyle bedding more than anything else.

How cute is that!!


Amanda said...

Such a cute pic! I was just at Babies r us and they had some cute jungle theme stuff too (just incase you wanted to check out other places too).

Ashley said...

Oooh, yes! I really like that argyle!

Blake said...

Do not count you Ducks too quickly! You dont even know for certain that you are having a boy. You probably will have a boy though, they say that a mother's intuition is always right.
If we could have only known for sure at the yard sales. There were SO many cute things.