Wednesday, August 13, 2008

12 Weeks

Here we are. I never thought I would make it. I still don't think I can make it through the week to finally see the light at the end of the "first trimester" tunnel. It has been a LONG few weeks. Just when I think things are looking up, something throws me on my back again.

Something about work changes my health during the day. If I am at home, I am fine until the afternoon. But if it's a weekday, HOLD ON TIGHT!!! It going to be a rough day!! Oh the nausea and headaches until lunch time. Luckily the nausea goes away after lunch which makes the all day headache a little more bearable!! thank goodness my office is in the back and no one ever stops by because most of the morning is spent taking deep breaths and trying to stay upright. I can't afford to use anymore sick days.

My appetite is back in full force. Still watching my portions so I am not miserable. I just can't get used to making a full meal for me and E at dinner time and then 2.5 hours later, I am ready to eat again but I don't want what we just had for dinner and I also don't want to have to clean the kitchen I have resorted to tomato sandwiches and bowls of cereal for the past few days.

But the fun part was yesterday, when I had a doctors appointment. We got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. It was 164 beats per minute which good...I am told! The new doctor was great. Yeah, we knew him from a neighborhood BBQ but I am really glad we chose him. He is going to work out great! He's not creepy at all!! Nice guy, former military, very personable. But my 12 week Dr. appt went good and all is well!! We have a sonogram next week so maybe I will have a picture to share next week (not that the untrained eye can actually decypher those images).


Amanda said...

Great news! Hang in there! You will get through this and just think what you body is doing, making you two a baby :)

Can't wait to see pictures!

Ashley said...

Wow! I just love reading your pregnancy stories. So I know you are probably miserable but it is just all so exciting! Hang in there. It gets better, right? I'm looking forward to the pictures, too! Although I know I'm going to be like Rachel on Friends - not even be able to tell the top from the bottom. Oh, well! They tell me that's my baby I assume that will be good enough for me! I'm so excited for you!!! (I know I say that every time I'm here now but I really am!)

Ashley said...

I know you have a while before you are making your own baby food but this just seemed so you that I wanted to share it with you. One of my friends from waaay back in elementary school has a blog now and blogged about this little contraption from Williams-Sonoma.

Brooke said...

That's awesome...we were actually sitting at the kitchen table looking at the catalog the other day and saw that little contraption and immediately wanted it. You are right...SO ME!!

Blake Stone said...

I think that now that you are 12 weeks you need to do like Kate on "Jon and Kate plus 8" did while she was pregnant. She wore this certain outfit with a little belly showing and stood in this certain place in the house and took a picture each week to show the progression of the pregnancy. If not for yourself, do it for me and the family who dont get to see on a regular basis.