Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School Days are Over

Well, E finished his next to last class last night. Ahhhh...(that was my sigh of relief). I have really needed a break lately. When E is in school, I take on everything (except for mowing the lawn) so that he can focus soley on school work. But being pregnant, exhausted and sick at the same time made things...well...interesting. Our house has been is such disarray for such a long time. Luckily, I finally got some energy back last week and decided to actually keep house again. But the laundry, cooking, the yard, the errands, Maggie and the housework take a toll on me and by the time he is done with school and finally gets a break, I am ready for one too. Only one more class to go and then we are home free. No more school bills, no more waking up at 2 inthe morning when he finally crawls into bed, no more weekend exhaustion...I will actually get my husband back...and just in time to start doing some work around the house before the baby comes. We have so many projects that we wanted to finish this year and I am starting to see the year get away from us with no hope for those projects in site.

On the baby note...E took a belly picture this weekend for me. It didn't turn out so well so I will retake again soon and post it then. Don't worry though. You aren't missing anything. I just look like I normally do when I don't exercise. Nothing significant popping out yet!

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Amanda said...

I was just wondering if you were starting to show or not. Weird!

Anyway, that's great that E has finished school. Like you said, you both can now work on baby stuff. Yeah!