Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Life's Good Stuff!

There are so few genuinely "good things" in our lives these days. In the midst of work (blah!), a hurricane, pregnancy sickness and exhaustion, and no electricity... I was super glad that Pam and Dennis (E's parents) had stopped by for a visit and dropped off some presents...4 of them to be exact!!!

Me and E dream about this ice cream! Don't get me wrong, Blue Bell is good and I wouldn't dare fight any Texan on that issue, but Mayfield is where it's at!!! They came out with Snow Cream when we were in college. Pam used to fill her freezer up with it and on Sunday, E and I would visit so E could do his laundry and we would always sit and eat ice cream while we waited for everything to dry. We couldn't get it in Florida when we lived there and now we still can't find it. So Pam bought us 4 tubs of it and threw it in a cooler with some dry ice and then they made their way to our house this weekend.

Ahhh...Pam, just so you know, I have had a mug full every night since you left!! Thank you!! we are going to go through that ice cream so fast!

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