Tuesday, August 12, 2008

1000 Miles Yard Sale

Sounds weird right? I agree! But my grandparents, parents and my sister swear by it. Let me preface this post by saying that my family member are a bunch of yard saling ANIMALS!!! They do this stuff on a serious weekly scale. I have never really enjoyed going with them. Me and E went yard saling one day here in town and found nothing, although on the way home from the farmer's market one day, I stopped at one in our neighborhood and bought 2 chairs. Let me breakdown the yard sale finds for you by person:

Nanny: she is looking for anything that will help celebrate any and all holidays, clothes, chairs (because everytime we go home for the holidays one of us is getting married or having a kid meaning one more seat at the Thanksgiving table), unique gift items and now baby stuff.

Papa: I think he goes for moral support for Nanny, however he finds books and little trinkets for his tools and office

Mom: She really looking for furniture and picture frames, mostly things she can spray paint, refinish, reupolster, or reuse in a completely new way.

Dad: He goes to help her decide what's junk, he seems to find trinkets for his office and always seems to be drawn to the things that remind him of his childhood and anything leather (not clothing though)

Blake (sister): She is there for it all!!! She gets some of the weirdest things there and makes them work. She has some really cool clothes and they all come from yard sales and the thrift store. Why? I don't know. She has a really good job and so does her husband but it's the thrill of the chase for her, I guess!!

But back to the 1000 mile yard sale...it's a big event for the state of Alabama and my family goes every year. This year they went with baby stuff in mind for me. Evidently me and E got more stuff for the baby than anyone else got for themselves. I know that from their yard saling adventures, so far, they have bought us a snugli, a swing, baby monitors, some maternity clothes, a mission style baby bed and mattress and a sandwich maker...well, that one's not really for the baby!! I am pumped!!! Now, we may have to rent a uhaul to get it all home when we visit for the holidays.


Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

I wanted to go sooo bad but our weekend was just too packed full. I might could have made it on Sunday but I figured by then I would have missed all the good stuff. I have been to the 'world's longest yard sale' twice before and definitely need to just add it to the schedule next year. It sounds like you racked up without even going!!!

(I had to delete my previous comment b/c I wrote 'to' instead of 'too' and that drives me crazy!!!)

Amanda said...

That is pretty neat. I don't like to go to tag/yard sales all the time, but once in a while I will venture out. I'm like you. I don't always find something, but its a nice time out.

That is great they found all kinds of baby stuff for you guys. How exciting!