Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hurricane Edouard

Well, here we go again. At least it hasn't been bad yet. Both of the storms we have had were category 1 or only a tropical storm. We were really expecting alot more wind and rain. So much so that E had me unload the garage so we could actually fit our cars inside. Now my house looks SO CLUTTERED with bikes and leaf blowers and weed eaters everywhere. Yes, we have a 2 car garage, but it only fits 2 cars and nothing else.

Where are we located again? Locate the eye of the storm!! There we are!!

Back to Edouard...the rain and wind started about 3am and at 7am when I got up (yes, we were both exempt from work yesterday) the eye of the storm was only minutes away. About that time we lost power for about an hour. We ate a bowl of cereal and played games on our phones and Nintendo DS consoles until the power came back on. The rest of the afternoon, it sprinkled and the wind didn't blow too hard. We got a hard rain again about 4:30pm and lost power again for about 30 minutes. And that was the end.

All that unloading in the garage for nothing!!!


Ashley said...

Thanks for the updates and the advice. I'm glad ya'll are dodging the storms over there! Those hurricanes seem to just follow ya'll everywhere! (or maybe you need to start re-evaluating your locations.. haha!)

Brooke said...

No kidding! You really don't get that choice though when you husband is in the "COAST" Guard!!

Amanda said...

At least you guys were cautious with the garages!

Sounds like you were able to keep yourselfs busy too, which is always nice.