Thursday, August 28, 2008

Human Race 10K

Well, I really didn't think when I signed up for this race several months ago because now it's here, I am fourteen weeks pregnant and we are expecting a hurricane that same weekend (possibly, too early still to tell where it's going though). I signed up for the race the day before I found out I was pregnant. Talk about timing! So I think we are going to head to Austin but for completely different reasons. I may go and cheer the girls on and pick up my t-shirt (for the race I didn't run HA) So what was a girls weekend may turn into a family evacuation plan with E and Maggie. But those are my holiday plans for the weekend.

The race isn't until Sunday night but it will be nice to spend the weekend in Austin. We went this time last year to visit with my grade school best friend and her family but we haven't been back since. What a mistake! There are so many cool things to do and see there! Maybe I will go to California Pizza Kitchen...ahhhh...I feel the cravings already!! If their Jamaician Jerk Chicken Pizza was large enough I would move into it!!

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Amanda said...

Have fun cheering on your fellow racers and good luck with the storm approaching!