Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Update

Well, there is so to tell everyone and yet...none of it is about Gustav!!

It all started on Saturday when we got the car the packed up and the house readied. The hurricane was supposed to hit on Sunday night so we were going to leave at 3am on Sunday morning for Austin to try and miss the traffic. (evidently, so did everyone else. It took over three hours to get to Houston and it normally only takes about an hour. )

We were finally finished and starting to settle in for the night when we noticed that Maggie was at the back door AGAIN! She had to go to the bathroom yet she had just come back inside. We watched her through the window and she kept squatting to go but couldn't. She had been SUPER clingy that day and had been quite moppy thirsty. She never did go to the bathroom so we called her inside to go to bed. She roamed the house for about 30 minutes trying to get our attention to let her out and go to the bathroom and we were ignoring her hoping that she would go to sleep. UNTIL...she couldn't hold it anymore and pee'd on my carpet. Sigh!! So we got the address for a vet that was open on Sunday in Austin and took her first thing when we got there. Tuns out, she's a big FAKER!! They couldn't find anything wrong with her at the vet but still charged us $140!!

We booked a hotel in advance expecting the hotels to be packed and we were right plus we knew we would have a hard time finding a place for Maggie. Our room wasn't great but they didn't care that we were bringing in a 75 lb dog. It smelled a little funny, like a hotel that takes pets!! Maggie spent the whole time with her face glued tot he window watching the kids down below in the pool.

Well, nothing happened at home. We called a friend who stayed behind and got the word that it was sunny and hot at home so we headed back home on Monday morning. Our motive was to get there before the storm turned west and started flooding our area with rain and plus we wanted to miss the traffic of everyone coming home. It rained for a few minutes on Monday night but nothing to write home about.

So there's our hurricane evacuation story! Big Time Exciting!!

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Ashley said...

Well I'm glad you have nothing too exciting to report. Did you go get your t-shirt for the race? Ha!