Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spring Cleaning and Other News

What started out as spring cleaning, turned into a fight to the death to throw away software and old equipment they have been saving for over a decade. And what's sad, is that I have already done this once already and will have to do this again before the end of the summer. Our supervisors fight hardcore to keep all of these storage closets, to the point where they make serious enemies out of people we will need down the road, that we don't need. We basically have 3 storage closets and one storage room that will all fit into our larger closet comfortably.

Have I mentioned that I hate being sweaty in an air conditioned room wearing work clothes? Gross! For those of you that might not remember the first pile click here to see. However, here is the second pile.

On the plus side, I talked them into buying the new Nikon D40 as our departmental camera yesterday. I am super pumped about playing with that (personally, not professionally).

Also, I joined a mixed doubles league today. We start playing in June and I am super apprehensive. Yes, I played high school and college tennis, but I haven't set foot on a court since May 2003!!! That was 5 years ago!!! I still think I am in descent physical shape and I have spent all week running harder and working out more to ready myself for this challenge. It's going to be bad! I always hate when people hear that you played college sports and they expect you to come out and be AWESOME and I know I won't live up to expectations!


Ashley said...

Yay! I'm so excited that you are playing tennis! Our mixed league starts next week! Keep us informed on how it goes!

Ashley said...

Oh... and just show people a picture of your tennis "coach" and maybe they'll understand. Ha!