Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Holiday Weekend

Happy 3-day weekend everyone. It's so nice to have a break once in a while. I love three day weekends because I never feel like I have enough time to finish my projects on a 2 day weekend. I start work on Monday exhausted from the weekend, so much so that I look forward to the work week for some relaxation. I know...quite sad. Saturday was full of hard work. I cleaned house and worked in the yard ALL day and E was called into work TWICE!!! He was a little aggitated about that too!!

We have a small problem at our house. Neither of us are sleeping these days. Evidently, when one of us doesn't sleep, neither does the other...and lately, we have been alternating keeping each other up because our bed is the one my parents bought for me when I moved out of the house to go to college. It's old and was very cheap and now it's killing both of us so we decided to get a new mattress. So on Sunday, we went and looked at several stores and decided that if we were going to spend money on anything...it should be out mattress. If anything is going to get us through our childbearing years, it's going to be quality sleep! So we decided to purchase a sleep number bed at the end of the summer. Wow those beds are expensive but SOOOOO nice!!! But we are excited about that.

We also spent alot of time at Gander Mountain on Sunday afternoon getting new camping gear. Now that E went camping a few weeks ago, he could assess and figure out what we were missing. We also use our camping supplies as our hurricane kit and after you live in the Florida Keys for a few years, you learn how crucial those are. So I got a new sleeping bag, a cleaning kit for our Camelbak bladders, some camping utensils, new water bottles and some new clothes too. Here are some of the new things I got minus a columbia jacket I got on sale since it's the summer time.

Monday was alot of fun since we had NO PLANS!!! We got up very slowly and spent a long time discussing what our plans were for the house remodel. We took Maggie for a long jog and then had a special breakfast...Mmmm...Cinnamon, Apple, Raison Strata. Since E is in school, I have taken on the housework for a while. Our deal has been that I get stuff done around the house so he can focus on finishing school. And when school is over, we will re-assess and share more household duties. So I have been doing all of the laundry lately and have been incredibly frustrated with the state of his closet and drawers. So Monday was spent going through both of our closets and drawers and deciding what we can and can't fit into anymore and what is now inappropriate for people our age. As a twenty-seven year old married woman, I don't feel the need to wear a mini skirt, incredibly short shorts and a halter top anymore. I'm no prude, I did keep a few things for the beach and for when I loose a few pounds, but let's be realistic.

I also have a new addiction to the show, NCIS, (so does E which is very rare since lately he hates everything on tv because "it's all so fake") which was being shown as a marathon on the USA network on Monday. So I Tivo'd the whole thing and watched several episodes while I rested in the afternoon. And finally, to get ready for tennis debut this year, me and E went to play tennis with Elizabeth and Matt last night. It was so weird being back on the court again. But more like an old friend that you haven't seen in a while. It was actually nice. E had a good time too and wants to play more.

So how did you spend your 3-day weekend?


Amanda said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Good for you! I understand about sorting through your clothes and keep the age appropriate ones. I had the same thoughts going through my head too. I still do it at 28 when I come across something that was either tucked away or I missed the first time.

Ashley said...

I'm having a yard sale this weekend with my parents and grandparents and getting rid of most of those kind of clothes, too.

Lucas and I are going on a canoe/camping trip towards the end of June so I need to get all of our camping gear together, too!

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