Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

For our families, May, June and August are the busiest months for birthdays, holidays and anniversaries in our family. May has three birthdays, 2 holidays and one graduation! So let's start with Mother's Day. Hi Mom!!

I don't think I have been home for Mother's Day in several years. So either my sisters will get together and figure out what she wants and I will chip in, or I will get something here in town and send it to her, which is what I did this year.

I bought a large bag when I went to Arkansas a few weeks ago to carry on the plane with me. I love this bag and thought my Mom might want one as well...and now I like hers better than mine. I really like the red bag better but another friend of mine already had the red one so I didn't want to be a copy cat! Happy Mother's Day Mom. I am putting your present in the mail today.

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