Thursday, April 3, 2008

Because I am Young!!!

Do they even make cassette tapes anymore??? And I think that Polariod discontinued making those refill packs for the time delayed pictures. Oh and don't even get me started on 5 inch "floppy" disks and drives. But my place of work feels the need to hold on to these things..."Just in case!" Sigh! I really have my work cut out for me.

So I have 2 pack rats for bosses and former coworker (whose position I filled) who was also a pack rat! There is....STUFF...EVERYWHERE!!!!! None of it has been touched in 10 years...but we may need that someday. But because I am young, I evidently don't know the value of these items!

It's taken me 4 weeks but I have finally convinced them that they need a DVD player (we compromised on a VCR/DVD combo), flat screen tv, USB flash memory and a digital camera. These are a few things that I am working hard to rid myself of for the next few days. So far it has really been a fight to the death...they really want to keep their STUFF!!!

When I was told they wanted to keep this, I honestly thought it was a joke. But just in case they find a tape they want to listen to somewhere...

They didn't win this arguement. There isn't even a way to use these anymore...but they still wanted to keep it.

What is this and why is it in my computer closet?

It doesn't even work...why are we saving this???


andreaunplugged said...

Awesome, I think that is an electric skillet in your computer closet. SERIOUSLY?!?! You should also feature a "name that item" post if you have other un-identifiable items in your posession.

Amanda said...

Wow! That is amazing that your company feels the need to keep these items. Imagine what they could do with the space if there wasn't a junk closet! Good luck!