Monday, May 5, 2008

Getting Pumped

Now that life "seems" to be calming down a bit and I am finally feeling better, it's time to hit the roads again. Running is not about keeping fit and's about staying mentally stable. Whenever I am stressed out about things at work or at home...I run until I don't remember what was bothering me. I was able to get out of the house once last week and get a small run in with Maggie and boy did that feel good. But I can feel my blood pressure starting to creep up and it's time to detox in a pair of running shoes. So for all of your that live in town and have been consistantly telling me that you want to run in these races with me, here's your chance.

The Searim Striders are having a Summer Series of 5K race around town and I would like to hit a few of them. But they aren't as fun by yourself so check your calendars and come out in full force. It's seems that almost every Monday night during the summer, there is something going on!

2008 Summer Series

June 9 - Orange Northway
June 16 - Pt Neches Park
June 23 - Claiborne Park
June 30 - Beaumont Tyrrell Park
July 21 - Claiborne Park
July 28 - Beaumont Tyrrell Park
August 4 - Orange Northway Park
August 11 - Pt Neches Park
August 18 - Claiborne Park


Cherrye - My Bella Vita said...

Yikes. I will be in town then ... what is my excuse?

Amanda said...

Good luck finding someone to run in the races with you! I remember it was touch last time.