Friday, May 16, 2008

I am Soliciting Help!!!

My boss had tasked me all summer long with a solution to his problem and so far I am coming up with nothing!! He wants to find a way for cell phones to be incorporated into the classroom.

Almost every kid has a cell phone these days.
Poor, rich, middle class, foreigner...everyone!!!
And yes, they are being taken up by teachers and administrators around the globe because kids are abusing them in the classroom with text messages and games, but, eren't calculators also banned in the classroom at first and now they are required for most high school and college courses. That's where his thinking is going and I am still unsure whether a communication device would help or hurt the focus of the kids in a classroom setting. We all know I don't have kids and things have changed so much in the 10 years (or less :) I have been out of high school that I don't know what the needs are of kids in school these days.

Does anyone else have any ideas? I could only come up with the basics: phonetrees (mostly for emergencies), voting (maybe for homecoming, etc), calling the homework hotline if you were absent from school that day...the end!! HELP!!


andreaunplugged said...

here are a few websites you probably have already seen

Most the others I found have the same ideas. I'm trying to think of ways to incorporate them into our programs texting instead of emailing reminders. I'll try to think of some more creative ideas later.

Cherrye - My Bella Vita said...

Your boss wants them for HS or college students? Call me old-fashioned - ok, don't, but there is no way I'll be able to help you come up with a way for them to use cell phones IN class.

I like AOs suggestion of texting reminders, etc, but do ppl have to pay for texts received? If so, I can *so* see parents complaining about that.

This is interesting though, Brooke. Let us know what happens!

Amanda said...

That's odd that your boss wants a campaign/research on how to get cell phones IN the classroom.

But, I guess one good reason is in the event of an emergency (like Calabine).

Good Luck!