Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Kayla

Well, Aunt Everyday Bailey screwed up big time this week. My niece's birthday was on Saturday. I thought it was on Monday. So being the "on top of things" aunt that I am, I called her on Sunday, the day before her birthday because I wanted to be the first to wish her happy birthday!

So here's how the conversation went:

EB: Hey it's me
K: Hey what's going on?
EB: Not much...just wanted to be the first to tell you happy birthday!!
K: Huh? My birthday was on Saturday!
EB: Huh?
K: May 3rd...that's my birthday...not May 5th

I felt so stupid and I even have one of those email reminders that reminds me when someone's birthday is coming up. I guess I had it programed wrong. Those only work as good as the retards that program them. I told E, "Why didn't you tell me that her birthday was yesterday? You were there when she was born...not me!!"

Anyway, poor kid. Lots of stuff going on at home and no time to party like it's her birthday. K...putting your present in the mail today!! Love you!

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