Thursday, May 15, 2008

Crawfish Boil

This weekend, we had a Crawfish Boil at our house for our Sunday School class. Me and E had never hosted one of these before, much less ever cooked crawfish before. So we learned as we went along. The crawfish farmer told us that 4 lbs. of crawfish per person is about what we would need. So just in case we had some extra people show up, I ordered five lbs. per person. I really should have thought this through better. We got 50 lbs. of crawfish for 11 people and after everyone had their fill, we still had about 30 lbs. left. Yeh!! 30 lbs. left!!!! What am I going to do with 30 lbs. of crawfish???

We went ahead and cooked the rest of them and threw them on the table and peeled them as we all chatted until late in the evening. We sent each person home with a bag of tails and I still have a HUGE bag of meat leftover for me and E as well as a cooler full of cooked crawfish left. I gave them to my neighbors across the street. Here are a few pics to enjoy!
This was only half of the food we prepared for 11 people!!! Yeah...there was alot!

Lindy came super excited about eating mudbugs!!

Lucy and Lindy brought their new pups Maggie and Rueban.

Me, Lucy, Samantha and Paul pretending like we know how to peel crawfish from a paper plate that's not on a table! That was a bad idea! I was worried about getting food on my clothes and Lucy actually did end up with food all over her white shirt!

Brian and Christi are new to our class and are excited about their baby that's coming due during the summer!!

Ed and Samantha helped out alot getting crawfish peeled (even though Sam doesn't like crasfish, she was a good sport). I like Ed and his wife Amanda though. Their are originally from sweet home Alabama so it's always fun to talk about the good ole days and the landmarks that are familiar to us both!

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