Thursday, May 29, 2008

Congratulations Graduate Joe

I hate growing up sometimes especially when that means you have other priorities (work) when you don't want to miss important family events. Unfortunately, I had to miss the graduation of my cousin, Laurel, because of work and Maggie and then fact that E was out of town. But nonetheless, she deserves a Congratulations live from Everyday Bailey!

I know you will go on to do great things. You have always been a good kid, good friend and a good cousin and I love you very much. You have worked hard, created opportunities for yourself and really turned into the young lady that I always thought you were. I have no doubt that you will go far in life. So go to college, study hard, party a little and love every minute of it!! We are super proud of you and miss you very much!!

(P.S. the check is in the mail...I know you were wondering...and sorry for the pic...all your mom sent me was a handful of blurry ones....this was actually the better of them all...sometimes you just have to make lemonade)

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