Monday, June 30, 2008

What's Cooking Wednesday - Banana Pupcakes

Sorry, I know it's early but I was afraid I would forget this week. Oh and I don't know why they are called Pupcakes instead of cupcakes ...and honestly, I don't know why they are called cupcakes at all because they are more like banana bread muffins. But I made these a few weeks back and forgot to tell you about them. But they were great.

Since I have basically already turned my brain off for the week and have started my own personal mental vacation days before the actual one, I never got any pictures of my own for this recipe. However, it is not an Everyday Bailey original which makes it even better because since Rachel Ray made them, she also took a picture of them to put into her magazine. So TADA!!! Here's her picture and the link to the Banana Pupcakes. I highly recommend these. However, they could always use some nuts in my opinion...some walnuts or pecans...pick your poison!!

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andreaunplugged said...

Isn't RR the one who does the recipe at the end of each magazine of things you can make for your dog (and I guess you can eat them too)? I think I remember that LOL. That would make more sense as to the "pupcakes" name.