Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Updates

Well, I have so much to update everyone on but I am waiting on some pictures first. E left for work with the camera in his car this morning and I am still waiting on a friend to send me a few from an event the other night. But...if you live in town, I am recommending 2 restaurants that I visited on Friday.

First, my friends and I had a girl's lunch at Katharine and Company. As my dad would say, it's chick food but fulfilling chick food. I completely recommend whatever the special of the day is written on the board. It's never bad! If you live around town, go try.
We also had our monthly "Colloquium" Friday night. Every month a few of us get together from work and discuss the crazy things that have happened since the last time we met. Somehow, we always have a long night of things to discuss. But we met at Easy's in town. It was delicious. It's a fancy place and and some of the food is fancy but some out the food are regular Texas staples. Yes, I really love their Mediterranean Chicken wrap, but their Bacon Avocado Cheeseburger was delicious too.

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