Wednesday, June 11, 2008

If We Weren't Safe Before, We Are Now!!

E met this guy who was selling home security systems. He has been talking to this guy for a few days now about what we want and the price. Well, when I came home yesterday, Maggie greeted me at the door as usual but E was no where in sight. Normally, he is sitting at his desk hammering out some paper for school or listening to Rush online but he wasn't there. I walked into the living room and E was in there with his new friend writing up a contract for a security system. By the way, this was about 6:30 last night. I guess you really never know what's going to happen at the Everyday Bailey household, even if you live there!

A few minutes later, he came looking for my signature on the contract and the guy left. So I went about my business fixing dinner and picking up the house when I hear the words "So it's a done deal. They will be back in a few minutes to set it up." I know my face must have had a wildly puzzled look on it. "Tonight?" I said. "Oh yeah, they should be here in a few minutes."

So I took Maggie and we went to bed so the boys could get their stuff all set up and they worked until almost midnight last night getting this thing installed. Imagine being woken up from a deep sleep by the sound of your new alarm system...TWICE! (By the way, this is also my public apology to my neighbors for the 2 times they let the alarm run for a few minutes after 10pm) This is only the first step in the grand plan. In no time, we will surely have camera monitoring the perimeter of the house. ?? I guess I should be more flatterred that he cares so much for my safety.

Poor E, I don't think he got into bed until after midnight and he was also trying to get homework done while the guys were here too. Looks like we are going to bed early tonight!


Amanda said...

Wow! I guess you never know what will happen next. The alarm must give E a piece of mind knowing that when he is away, you are safe. But in the mean time, you both had to deal with the instalation process into the wee hours. Well, good luck with tonight and hopefully you will get some rest!

Ashley said...

As if mentioning Rush wasn't bad enough you had to go and put a link to his page??? :) j/k

Now you have 2 alarm systems: the alarm system and Maggie!