Friday, June 6, 2008

Purchasing Progress

So today I am super excited for 2 reasons:
   1. I am off work every Friday during the summer!  WOO HOO!!!  I have so many ideas about what I want to do with my new found time.  I was going to start my Fridays by taking Maggie for a jog, but I hurt my leg and so I am resting for a few days and it seems that Maggie is also in the same boat.  She has been favoring one of her back legs over the other for the past 2 days.  I know that a little rest will heal my leg and I am hoping the same for her.  We will see soon enough.
   2. I just bought the first set of carpet tiles for our laundry room/mud room/den/office. (call it what you want)

We decided to go with carpet tiles since the door to the backyard is also in that room.  With Maggie coming and going out that door to access the backyard, she tends to bring in whatever she finds or whatever she has been rolling around in (sticks, brown mud, leaves, shells, big rocks caked in dry mud, small creatures and dead bugs).  Also, with our second weeklong "BAILEY WORK WEEK" quickly approaching, we need to get our supplies ready!  So we bought Flor tiles.  They were a little more expensive that getting carpet off the rack at the home improvement store but if one of the tiles gets dirty, we can pull it up and clean it or replace it all together.  And that is something that we definitely needed in case some of you have missed the pictures of our master bedroom carpet (ink from when Maggie ate a pen, Maggie's vomit, accidental clorox spots from cleaning Maggie's vomit, that fact that Maggie brings all of her backyard finds in there to chew apart and create mulch in our you see the pattern here?).  

So say hello to our new carpet!!


Amanda said...

Those rug floor tiles are a neat idea! Its a great thing to have, like you mentioned, if a tiles get dirty or ruined, you just replace the tile. Brilliant!

Ashley said...

Love it!