Thursday, June 26, 2008


So, you are correct, I am involving you in my arguments at home. Maggie, the little darling that she is, LOVES to eat things. I take that back...she really like to chew things apart into tiny little pieces and then suck on the pieces and spit them out. She doesn't actually swallow them. I really truly think that I can't say that enough. I am positive that I have written at least 5 blogs about this...THAT is how crucial this is around our house. We have all lost valuable items. Me? I lost an ipod, all of my shoe heels, 10+ pairs of underwear, couch pillows, the master bedroom carpet, an easter pork loin (she swallowed that one), a new pair of Crocs...I am sure there are WAY more on my list. E list? Well, he lost the original copy of his GRE scores, his work hat, a pair of flip flops, a pair of sandals, a pair of Keens, and a shoe lace. This picture is from last week when she ate all of the stuffing out of her bed.

If you ever get the chance to come to our house, we have a mail slot in the front door. So the mail comes right through the door and onto the floor. Maggie loves to eat that mail like it made from rawhide. It never fails that the afternoons that I come home from work and really have alot to do, those are the afternoons that she provides a nice mess of shredded mail for me all of the living room floor. We tried to use the laundry basket to catch the mail, but if the mailman misses the basket, it's fair game. Now, the basket doesn't even matter. She goes and gets whatever she wants out of that basket to play with during the day. And yesterday made matters worse when she ate a book that I had ordered as a gift for a family member. Grrrrr...And this is what I come home to every afternoon. In this picture she ONLY ate the circular ads that come every week with the specials from the grocery store and a free grocery bag that I won off another blog a month ago, a coupon from Stanley Steamer and a Chase Bank Credit Card solicitation.

As the person who has to clean up this mess, I have asked for a mailbox to be attached to the house on the front porch. I have already bought it and pulled it out of the box and everything. E is in complete disagreement. He wants to train her not to eat the mail by sending fake mail through the slot! I think if we tell her not to eat it she won't, but if we aren't there, it's on!!! The mail never stood a chance! After work, I go to the gym, then come home, walk Maggie, make dinner, clean up dinner and have to pick up the house. Evidently, I need to add "clean up shredded mail" to that list. I thought E would have been convinced that we needed a mailbox when she brought him is very large check from the VA that was the reimbursement for his school. I guess common sense strikes us all at different times.


Amanda said...

Oh good luck! That would drive me crazy! I agree with you, put the mailbox up outside. She will distroy more before it gets any better.

Jennifer said...

perhaps attach the basket to the door somehow so that the mail can't miss? You could also make it metal or another solid material so she can't get to the mail inside??? just a suggestion. I like having the mail come inside the house rather than outside where anyone could mess with it...especially while on vacation!

Swistle said...

I laughed at the part where you said you thought that if you were there saying "no," she wouldn't, but that if you we're there, "it's on!"